"Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are known throughout the industry
as the breed that shows abused and tortured horses."

~ Jim Heird, Ph.D., Do Right By The Horse, February 2010

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, April 6, 2014

VIDEO, NEWS and HOW YOU CAN HELP - Bills, Bills, Bills; Video From Discussion With Sound Horse Leaders; FTTWH Is Now On Twitter & More

Well, we all know about the PAST Act.  But has anyone else heard about the PAID Act?

Okay, it's not really called the PAID Act, but we'd like to think that's what it's called:

Thanks to the Voters Who Approve of HR 1518/s 1406 FB page
Be sure to let the Congresspersons on this page know that we need them to reconsider their support and help stop abuse, not support those who condone and participate in it.

Most of you probably already know that Marsha Blackburn, paid Congressperson of the TWH industry (she was given $70,000 in donations at the Celebration last year) put together her own version of changes to the HPA.  Here's a good explanation from Thehorse.com (click for article):

On Feb. 26, U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) introduced HR 4098, or the Horse Protection Amendments Act of 2014. Blackburn's bill would create one horse industry organization (HIO) to manage shows where Tennessee Walking Horses would be exhibited. Under HR 4098, that HIO would be composed of equine veterinarians and industry experts who would develop and implement protocols, guidelines, testing policies, and inspection policies for the industry. Under the legislation, these industry experts would be drawn from states most impacted by the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. The bill also requires that testing used during horse inspections be done “though objective, science-based methods and protocols,” and preserves the oversight structure between the Walking Horse industry and the USDA. The bill does not forbid trainers from using metal chains, or stacks and pads used in performance packages.

While this sounds all happy and dandy, it actually puts the industry right where they want to be.  It would give them one HIO, which the industry has already established by putting together the IIS, or ISS, or some other such crap...honestly, I can't keep track of it anymore.  Somehow SHOW is not defunct, or PSHA is...???  Seriously, more alphabet soup.  At any rate, having one HIO that will be run by the abusers puts those foxes at the front door of the hen house to usher other foxes right on in.

Plus, in requiring "objective, science-based methods and protocols," this buys them time to find ways to escape detection.  Objective and science-based methods are already available and tests have already been done.  The Industry just ignores it because it scientifically shows that the horses are still being sored.  (See refusing to release swabbing results of 2012 Celebration; general ignorance of Dr. Turner's six-year thermography study and the results.)

A few days ago, Lamar Alexander -- who strangely, had co-sponsored both the PAID Act AND the PAST Act -- released a more detailed PAID Act that just adds on some useless penalties and expresses that only veterinarians should inspect horses.  Which, with the USDA, they already do.  Another good explanation of the bill from Thehorse.com (click for article):

On April 1 Alexander, along with senators Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), introduced legislation modifying HR 4098 bill to require the HIO created in Blackburn's bill contract with “equine veterinary experts”; those experts would advise the HIO on the methods of testing for banned substances and about the interpretation of test results. Alexander's bill also creates a 30-day suspension of horses found to be sore for the first time; penalties rise to 90-day suspensions for each subsequent offense. Finally, the bill would establishe a 4-year term limit for anyone who serves on the HIO board of directors.

So, we need your help yet again!  Please OPPOSE both of these bills on POPVOX.  Click here for HR 4098 and click here for S 2913.  REMEMBER: These two bills need to be OPPOSED!

Next, here's a great video from The Tennessean Editorial Board with supporters of the PAST Act talking about why it's necessary.  Former Senator Joe Tydings, who authored the original HPA, Donna Benefield, and Attorney Clant Seay provide wonderful insight.  Click here for Billy Go Boy's post about it.

We have also started an FTTWH Twitter account!  Our goal is to tweet about important information that our Congresspersons need to know about soring and supporting the PAST Act.  http://twitter.com/FortheTWH and @FortheTWH.  Please follow us and retweet so we can get the word out and get as much support as we can!

I also want to announce that I'm not going to be posting on this blog as much for awhile.  I have some other pressing work to take care of.  But the FTTWH Facebook page and FTTWH Twitter account will still run as it's an easy place to share and give out information.  I also HIGHLY recommend following Billy Go Boy's website for lots of great up-to-date information.

So, to keep up with who's supporting the PAST Act and who we still need to contact, go to Govtrack.us to keep an eye on those who are supporting it.

House Support: HR 1518

Senate Support: S 1406

Key things the Congresspersons will want to know:

1.  This will be at no cost to the taxpayer to pass and implement as the funds for the HPA are already established.
2.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Association for Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the American Horse Council (AHC and largest lobbyists in DC for horse-related issues), and Veterinary Medical Associations across the U.S. are in full support of the PAST Act.  Click here for the list of endorsements from across the United States.
3.  The Industry has not been and never will correctly police themselves as HPA violations continue to pile up each year.  The time has come for the USDA to take over inspections and for the tools used to sore horses to be gone from the show ring.

THANK YOU to everyone for all your hard work!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NEWS - Jackie McConnell Confession Video

It sounds like there was some great information that came out of the Sound Horse Conference this year.  Hopefully FOSH will make the information available to the public for free.

In the meantime, here's the video of part of Jackie McConnell's confession that was required in his sentencing.  Good information, and I'm glad to see it.  It's interesting how the crowd reacts when he says he loved the horses at 4:00.  I just am sad to think that I truly don't trust him in his "apology."  I think he's just sorry he got caught...but that's just me.  Let's hope he truly is sorry for what he did to those magnificent creatures in ruining their lives.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

ARTICLE - Dr. John Haffner, DVM, Tells Us The Truth

Currently the Sound Horse Conference is going on, and we'll see a lot of interviews and vital scientific information come out of the conference that's goign to help everyone out.

I wanted to share this today because I am in awe as to what Dr. John Haffner, DVM said during a presentation today.  I wasn't there to witness it, but Billy Go Boy shared the entire speech on his website.  So I'm copying and pasting it here.  Whether or not you are religious or believe in the Christian Bible, these words are still important no matter where they come from.  THANK YOU, Dr. Haffner, for telling the truth about this horrid industry.  (Click here for BGB's web link.)



March 29, 2014

BRENTWOOD, TN – The Saturday Sound Conference included John Haffner, DVM.  explaining why soring is necessary for a winning gait.  Haffner was frank and made reference to scripture in how he came to his epiphany regarding the sore Big Lick.

Soring: A Necessity for the Winning Gait

Isaiah 1:15-20

Your hands are full of blood!

16 Wash and make yourselves clean.
Take your evil deeds out of my sight;
stop doing wrong.
17 Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the oppressed.[a]
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
plead the case of the widow.

18 “Come now, let us reason together,”
says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool.
19 If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the good things of the land;
20 but if you resist and rebel,
you will be devoured by the sword.”
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

 ”It was these Bible verses that were illuminated to me like a newspaper in an old black and white movie early one August morning. It was as if God was speaking directly to my heart saying it was time to get out of a business built on the suffering of horses. This was the culmination of about 2 years of struggle for me. It began at the Columbia Spring Jubilee where I was the show veterinarian. A trainer that I did work for me asked me to inspect a mare that had been turned down by the USDA inspector. When I did, I could find no problem with her. I repeated the exam with the horse show videographer recording the exam.

The breeder’s association agreed to defend the case and they hired a lawyer from Dallas, Texas who had taken cases to the U.S. Supreme court because they figured they would lose in lower court and they were willing to take it all the way. The night before the trial at the Federal Court house in Nashville, I attended a meeting that the defense team had in a hotel room. I asked the attorney what he thought I was going to say if they asked me if soring was routine. To his credit, he said I must tell the truth. Then he asked “Is it?” I assured him that it is. It seemed that he was the only one in the room who didn’t know. Some of the others in the room became angry, and I got the impression the attorney was a little unsure about having me testify, but he really had no choice. At the trial I was very nervous, but as the questioning began, that question never came up. It apparently never comes up. And until I wrote my letter to Representative Whitfield, it seems that it has always been overlooked. In my opinion it is the critical question. It is the question that reveals the farce that inspection is. It is all a game. The trainers pretend they don’t sore the horses, the DQP’s pretend that some horses haven’t been sored, the USDA lets everybody pretend that there are only a few bad actors that sore, and horse show life goes on its merry way. But I digress.

When the decision was rendered, the judge wrote that he ruled for the defendant based substantially on my testimony. As I recall, that was in February. It was just in time for everybody to get ready for the show season. And did they ever get ready. I saw more open oil of mustard and blatant soring that spring than I had ever seen in my life. It just sat out in the open in the cross ties. The oil was so pungent in the cross ties that it made my eyes water. The USDA had been put in their place, and I had helped do it. So we were free at last to show like we wanted. That entire spring and summer I was troubled greatly about what I had done. I told the truth, but not the whole truth. I wasn’t asked, and I did not volunteer the information.

So that August morning when God told me that my hands were covered in blood and I had to stop doing wrong and learn to do right, I believed Him. Two weeks later, I had sold my part of the practice and was out of it. That fall I was called to meet a friend in the business and he wanted to know if I would run the DQP program. I told him I wasn’t interested in getting the government off their backs if they were not serious about ending soring. The thing I could never work out was how to let some horses in and keep others out. If they were doing the big lick, they had been sored. It was and is that simple. Some of the horses can make it though inspection and some cannot. Many can make it sometimes and not other times. Unfortunately for the trainers’ sakes, they can’t always tell when. The horse might check fine at the barn and then flinch for the inspector.

Pain is a complex sensation. Individuals respond differently to the same stimulus. For example: some people like to eat hot spicy food, and others cannot tolerate it. Or something that is painful at one time may not be noticed at another if there is a distraction. The degree of pain resulting from a particular stimulus will vary depending on many uncontrollable factors. Pain is an immense subject of research and is difficult to elucidate even when working with humans who can tell the investigator when and where and how bad it hurts. So to try to determine scientifically what hurts or doesn’t hurt a horse with mathematical certainty is not a promising endeavor. And I submit it is not necessary or reasonable to expect the exact painfulness of any training technique to be determined by any repeatable quantitative means. But it is reasonable to assume that oil of mustard on the skin or excess pressure on the sole hurts.

I hear people talk about the perception problem the industry has. I contend that the problem is not the perception. The problem is the reality.

The reality is that soring is the foundation upon which the big lick is built”.


Is soring necessary for the big lick?

If not, why is it still a problem 43 years after it was made a federal offense?

Why do essentially all the trainers active during those years have a record of violations?

Why did pressure shoeing become a common practice after pastern inspection began?

Why were the terms fixed and deep substituted for soring and the degree of soring?

Why do horses have to be trained to stand still while their pasterns are palpated?
Why do so many swabs test positive for forbidden substances?

Why when going from barn to barn did I see that all the horses in training for the big lick were sored?

Why would inspections at horse shows still be necessary?

Why hasn’t the industry ended it?

Why hasn’t a line of sound big lick horses that dominate the breeding and yearling sales been developed through selective breeding?

Why would industry insiders forfeit their friends, their livelihoods and sometimes their personal safety to expose something that is not a problem?

Why has no one stepped up to publicly refute the letter I wrote that stated soring is necessary?

Why is it not just a bad memory from a long time ago?

Scientific evidence has been called for to detect soring. There are many types of evidence and means of proving something. In the case of soring, the problem is not evidence. There is the evidence a history of over 60 years of soring. The problem is the willingness to acknowledge what is obvious. The problem is to risk the loss of money. The problem is to have to admit we have been doing something wrong and we do not want to be exposed. We don’t need to discover some scientific fact that has been hidden for many years. We only need to admit what is obvious and repent of our wrong doing.

Can it be scientifically proven that a horse cannot do the big lick without soring; probably not without breaking the law? Two groups of horses would have to be trained identically except one group would have to be sored and the other would not. That poses legal and ethical problems that would be difficult to overcome. It is also unnecessary. Who would it need to be proven to anyway? The trainers know soring is necessary. The grooms know soring is necessary. The farriers know soring is necessary. Anybody that works in and around the barns and is willing to open their eyes knows soring is necessary. Anyone who has been in the business for any reasonable amount of time knows that it’s necessary. There are a few people that I have found that it does need to be proven to. That is many of my friends in the AAEP and some of the folks at USDA. Most of them are unfamiliar with Walking Horses and the training required to achieve the big lick. Some of them think that perhaps the really good horses do not need soring and that it is only the unscrupulous trainers that do it.

The suggestion that a horse that has been trained to do the big lick can be turned out over the winter and put back on pads in the spring and do the big lick without soring fails to take into account an important fact. And that fact is that this is only possible with horses that at one point in their training were sored. They learned the gait because of the pain induced by the chain hitting on the pastern or the pressure shoe pressing on the sole. Those horses remember the pain and they will do the big lick without a recent episode of soring. It is safe to say that a horse that has never been sored will not do the big lick if someone puts a built up shoe and a chain on him and starts riding. He will walk in an odd manner with an exaggerated gait, but he will not immediately start stroking. And he certainly would not win a class at the Celebration.

According to a popular radio host, when you want to eliminate debt, you begin with the smallest and work your way through them taking on the next bigger debt until they are all gone. That is how I see the problem of soring. It may not be the biggest problem, but it is a problem; a real and serious problem. Maybe more so because of the effect it has on the people who do it and approve of it than the damage done to the horses. To intentionally inflict pain on an animal for any sort of gratification, dulls the conscience and can lead to many other problems. It appears that showing sore horses may become a thing of the past. However, considering the previous 43 years, I would submit that it is not a foregone conclusion. But whether soring goes or not if this country is to survive, we still have other more serious problems that threaten the very existence of our nation that must be resolved.

Soring is only one of many problems. The laws haven’t stopped it. The bad publicity hasn’t stopped it. A change of hearts is what is needed to stop it.  Ultimately, all of our problems will only be resolved if we return to God and He relents from His judgment on us and our nation.”

Monday, March 24, 2014

RESEARCH - Deaths in the Big Lick Horse Show Ring

First, THANK YOU to everyone who joined in on the THUNDERCLAP!  There were 464 supporters with their goal being 250!  This is great news!  Check out the results here.

Now, as we get closer and closer to getting the PAST Act passed, the Lickers get more and more desperate to try to keep their support of abused horses going.  One excuse I've been hearing of late is how many horses die in racing, endurance, cross country, and other sports.

I was sent the following information from a person who wants to see soring end for good.  This person was kind enough to dig up this information for me, for they knew that BL horses have died before.  It seems to me that the Big Lick horse is not immune to dying in the show ring.  These reports are directly from the Walking Horse Report.

October 2007: Walking Horse Report.com
During the first go round of the stake class at East Tennessee Trainers' and Ladies Auxiliary horse show, Armorall under the direction of rider Bill Reel collapsed and died. The nine year old stallion was owned by Bob Michaels of Winchester, VA., and has had a great show career during his young life, with his most recent win at Baileyton earlier this year. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Even more frightening, in the same year...

Walking Horse Report.com
Equine Obituary - I'm Johnny Cash
Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Johnny Cash, 18 year old stallion, owned and loved by the Holbrook family and ridden by Mike Conley, succumbed to heat following a second workout in the stake class at the Tennessee State Championship horse show.

The stallion appeared fine during the workout, but collapsed to the ground while in the line up.

Attempts to revive him were made unsuccessfully. I¢m Johnny Cash was given a final round of applause as he was placed on a gate, covered and carried out of the ring.

I think these obituaries speak for themselves.  Yes, Big Lick horses die in the show ring.  When you have to carry overweight riders on your hind end and struggle to get your front feet away from the pain, heat exhaustion can certainly be a problem.  So be sure to mention these horses' names if you have to to any Congresspersons who may claim that no BL horse has ever died in the ring.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Thanks Billy Go Boy, for telling me about this!  THUNDERCLAP is a way to get our message to Congress in one feel swoop!  I figured I'll just plagiarize borrow BGB's instructions for how to use THUNDERCLAP.


Nephew Eugene says there’s something new on the internet called THUNDERCLAP.


THUNDERCLAP is so People who believe in a Cause can join together through Social Media and send a one time message on a particular day. It doesn’t cost anything to use.  And nobody will contact you.  It is strictly a way for people to deliver a message all at once – like a clap of thunder.   The PAST ACT is supported by The American Horse Council, the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the Humane Society Groups, and  the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The Cause:  Pass The PAST ACT = End Soring

Nephew Eugene thinks THUNDERCLAP will dramatically get the message out to U. S. Representatives and U. S. Senators to pass the PAST ACT.   THUNDERCLAP is a one time deal.  It will deliver one message that one day and that is it. 

The one day is March 24, 2014.

The beauty of THUNDERCLAP is everyone can join together and you can use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to deliver the message.  You can use all three which will give the message even more impact.   To make this work,  100s of people,  hopefully 1000s,  need to join  in order that this one THUNDERCLAP message will be delivered to your Representatives and Senators on Monday, March 24, 2014.

If you have FACEBOOK,  TWITTER or TUMBLR,  you can use  THUNDERCLAP.

The message:  ”Congress, pass the PAST ACT to end soring!   #PASTforHorses 

Here’s what you do:

  • Click on this Link:    https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/9743-pass-the-past-act-end-soring?locale=en
  • Click on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr - you can do all three -
  • Choose the ones you want to use – On Facebook you can personalize a message you want to send.  You can do all three.
  • Whether you chose Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, Thunderclap will automatically post the message about the PAST Act, with the link for your contacts to reach their own legislators, on your page for you on the day of action! – It will ask you for your address so you can send it to your Representative and Senator.
  • That’s it – On March 24, 2014,   the THUNDERCLAP will be delivered!!!
  • And all your Friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr can join in sending the message if they choose to do so.
  • The KEY is to join NOW in order to have TONS of people delivering the Lightning and THUNDERCLAP on March 24, 2014.
  • Please do it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


268 U.S. Representatives co-sponsor the PAST Act – 62%

51 U. S. Senators co-sponsor the PAST Act – 51%


The PAST Act still has to go through the regular process of becoming a law, which gives me an excuse to post this old blast from the past:

Within the next couple of weeks, the Senate is going to hear information about the PAST Act.  They originally had it scheduled for March 5, and then March 12, but weather has been a problem.  So we still need to keep contacting them.

The Lickers had gone to DC for the March 5 meeting, but obviously that didn't work out.  However, know that they are going to do whatever they can, even throw money around and bully others, to get what they want.  SO KEEP CALLING AND WRITING TO YOUR CONGRESSPERSONS!  If yours has already co-sponsored, tell them THANK YOU and to keep their decision solid.

Many of you probably already know that Marsha Blackburn, one of the number one enemies of the horse, has tried to put together a bill to counter the PAST Act.  She only has about ten helpers on this, and the Tennessean newspaper put out a scathing editorial titled "Rep. Ed Whitfield's walking horse legislation would end soring; Rep. Marsha Blackburn's would enable it."  Click here to read this excellent article.

Plus, we still have some powerful allies on our side.  Pricilla Presley has ben visiting DC along with our sound horse warriors, and Carrie Underwood retweeted the above Tennesseean editorial, reaching thousands of her followers.

I am still working on the transcript for the thermography webinar, but I'm having computer problems and it's kind of getting done in spurts.  I did make this new image, though, so feel free to pass it around!  (Click for a larger view.)  You will get tons of news from Billy Go Boy's website, so keep heading on over there.

At this point, the light a the end of the tunnel is very bright.  We WILL get the PAST Act passed, and it's because of the continued hard work of all of you who want to save the horse that we will get there!  So keep your letters, emails and phone calls flowing!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I know, I keep pushing this, but folks, we HAVE to work hard on this.  GET OUT THERE AND GET YOUR CALLS, LETTERS, AND EMAILS IN.  Knock on doors if you have to!  Get petitions going!  We can't let the sore side use their money and connections to continue to be allowed to abuse horses.

And while you're at it, feel free to send this around to them as well!  Scientific proof that the stacks NEED to be gone because they do cause damage, whether the horse is sored or not.  Share it wherever you like, on Facebook, in forums, wherever you think someone will pay attention.  This is a slide and direct transcription from the January 17 webinar.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Things are moving along great in Congress as far as getting the PAST Act passed.  BUT THIS IS NO TIME TO SLACK!  You can check out Billy Go Boy's site for a play-by-play of what is going on.  (I'll let BGB do all the hard work for me.)

We still need everyone to PLEASE contact your constituents.  KNOW that the Lickers are desperate and are pulling their own strings.  Just because someone has co-sponsored the Act does not mean that they can't change their mind.  They are in Washington, DC and are fighting to keep the abused horse in the ring.  They have gotten Marsha Blackburn to put together an alternative to the PAST Act.  The alternative does nothing to help the horse, of course.  All it does is call for a single HIO.  Of course, the industry wants this--it will help them keep all the trainers, owners, exhibitors, etc. under their thumb.

The Lickers are trying to pool their resources and start a new HIO called the Independent Inspection Services LLC so it will be in place to go along with Marsha's alternative.  As the Church Lady would say, "How conveeeeenient."  It is of course going to be run by the same HPA violators and sore horse supporters that SHOW, PSHA, NHSC, and all the other corrupt HIOs have been run by.


Here's the list of people who haven't co-sponsored.  I know some of these folks have signed on since this list was made, so please take the time to compare it to the current co-sponsors list so you will know if your constituent has 

I also found this online...And I found it hilarious.

Guess when your ship is sinking, you'll grasp at any life preserver you can.  This also shows how when people complain about you, it means you're doing something right.  What's even funnier: this post got no comments and only two likes on Facebook.  Tee hee!  I really like the kittehs on there.  I own a black cat myself, since according to the Lickers, I'm a Satanic paganistic witch. (Wish I was a witch...I can think of some spells I'd like to put on some folks in Congress!)

My point here was to use the local cemetery OR the local library's address and zip code to get through the online blocks that Congresspersons have on their pages.  For example, they will ask for your address and/or zip code, and if you're out of their area they won't let you get the contact information or email the person you're trying to get a hold of.  So using a local address can get you past the computer block so your email will end up in their inbox.

Overall, I'm currently transcribing and creating a document with screenshots of the USDA thermography webinar that occurred on January 17, 2014.  So it will be coming soon.  For now, here's an important point made during the seminar (click to make it larger).  Keep your eyes peeled for the webinar document!

Monday, January 27, 2014

NEWS - What??? TWHBEA Continues to Baffle and Confuse in Attempts to Dupe the Public

IT's just gotten laughable now.  Seriously.  TWHBEA, we all know you support the sored horse.  We know you are against anything that tells the truth.

In their latest attempts at fantasy land pretending, David Williams, the TWHBEA VP for the Breeders and on the Executive Committee, and former manager of the failed Waterfall Farms, where they attempted to dupe the public as to what was going on by using Monty Roberts as their poster boy, made this little gem.  (Click to see a larger version.)

Here's the explanation of this map.

To TWHBEA directors:

Attached is a map and data showing the actual support of the PAST Act by TWHBEA members.

The data used was that collected and accounted for by Cook and Company the accounting firm hired by Pat Stout to process their poll results.

Using their data, only 15% of TWHBEA members residing in the U.S. are on record supporting the PAST Act.

There are only 7 states in which the majority of their TWHBEA membership is in support of the PAST Act.

Those 7 states comprise less than 1% of the total TWHBEA membership.

There are others who would like us and our membership to believe otherwise, but a only a very small percentage of TWHBEA members are in favor of the PAST Act.

Feel free to share.

David W. Williams

My reaction:
I honestly don't understand this.  I really don't.  I mean, I'm no math whiz, but this makes NO SENSE.  They are assuming that anyone who DIDN'T vote in the Stout Poll is AGAINST the PAST Act.  Seriously?  THAT'S what you came up with?  David Williams, are you TRULY that daft?

And as far as the State of Arizona goes, and using THEIR logic...

Gosh!  That was some hard math to do there!  Yessiree!

Next, the Enforcement Committee, made up of mostly Lickers, no less, has come up with this report concerning their "investigation" against Pat Stout's actions.  Click here for the report.  There is a lot of rhetoric and false accusations, nothing concrete.  In their list of findings, they go on hearsay that Jennie Jackson said Pat Stout didn't have an anonymous donor.  They also say that the picture of the horses on the ballot are of horses going to slaughter.  What difference does that make?

They talk about not violating the Code of Conduct.  Clearly, their Code of Conduct is interpreted differently by the sore horse group than it is by the rest of the world.  Plus

This is my favorite part of the report:

Their purported poll was not a poll at all.  It was a "push poll" or an attempt to sway the opinion of anyone who read it.  It advocated a specific political position, and sought support for that position.  While everyone has the right to advocate a political position, no one has the right to mislead the members of this association or the public about the position of the association.  This is especially true for directors and officers.

Here's my interpretation of this paragraph.

Their purported poll was not a poll at all.  A single question with a YES or NO answer isn't a poll, but it WOULD be a poll if we had put it out there.  It was a "push poll" or an attempt to sway the opinion of anyone who read it.  We don't like that the postcard said the horses need our help because we're not for the welfare of the horse.  It advocated a specific political position, and sought support for that position.  While everyone has the right to advocate a political position except for those who are for the sound horse, no one has the right to mislead the members of this association or the public about the position of the association except for us by putting out false statements and lying to the public about soring, like with the above referenced map.  This is especially true for directors and officers.

What's odd here is that there is no action taken.  Their conclusions are just that: conclusions.  They don't put forth any "punishment."  (Although in my honest opinion, being kicked out of TWHBEA for not supporting the sored horse would be a badge of honor.)  They did send Pat Stout a letter saying they have suspended her privileges with TWHBEA until she "cooperates" and sends them the information they are demanding of her.  Click here for the letter.

The list of the Enforcement Committee members:

Thomas Kakassy, Chairman (multiple HPA violator, BL supporter)
Everett (Butch) Allen (HPA violator, BL supporter)
Denise Bader-Keyser (flip-flops between being sound or sore, BL supporter, husband has HPA violation)
Ann King (multiple HPA violator)
Curt Rosemann (Arizona residents voted him out of the Arizona rep position because he does not support the PAST Act and therefore does not support the Arizona members' best interests)
Denise Rowland (multiple HPA violator, VERY well known for supporting the sored horse and for her lawsuit against the USDA that she lost concerning soring horses)
Jeff Tanner (BL supporter)
Nicole Tolle
Margo Urad (HPA violator, BL supporter)
Kim Widner

From the TWHBEA Code of Conduct Standards:
“No person shall knowingly … engage in any practice which has the effect of corrupting the integrity of the Association … or otherwise engage in an unethical practice in any situation involving a Tennessee Walking Horse or any matter in which this Association has an interest.”

You know, if this isn't a conflict of interest, then I TRULY do not know what is.

Here's the bottom line, folks: TWHBEA doesn't care about the sound horse; they only care about their pocketbooks.  It's pathetic that they can't see the forest for the trees, and it's gotten to a point where they are so transparent in their lies and cover-up attempts that it's just laughable.  They are the laughing stock of the horse world for a reason.  They KNOW they are doing wrong, and yet they persist in making themselves look like fools.  Don't they realize that they are truly ruining the breed for everyone but their tiny circle of sore horse supporters and animal abusers?

I have a request: to everyone who is a sound horse person--a REAL sound horse person, as in you support the PAST Act as it is--please do not renew your membership next year.  Don't give these people any more money.  They absolutely are not going to make any changes, or if they do, it's going to be too late.  They work hard at keeping the sound horse people from speaking up and won't listen to them.  We've seen hints and glimmers of hope here and there, but they have always jumped up to keep abusing animals.  Look at Tracy Boyd--he's been bullied back into the fold.  So let them fail.  Let them die their death.  The registry can be started anew by someone else; the horses that are truly sound aren't going to stop being sold or promoted.  Let's allow them to kill themselves, and let's hit them hard by not giving them any more of our money or our time.  Thanks for being for the horse, everyone!

Monday, January 20, 2014

HOW YOU CAN HELP - Contact the TWHBEA Executive Committee Today at Walt Chism's Request

As we continue through January of The Year of the Horse, our work continues to end the horrific practice of soring.  Recently, Walt Chism, the Senior Vice President of TWHBEA, asked this on a TWH Facebook page.

Some but not all of you may not be aware that I am serving as Senior VP of TWHBEA. I and the rest of the Executive Committee would be interested in your views and suggestions for a better breed registry. I did suggest at the EC meeting Friday that TWHBEA organize at least 4 multi-day flat shod horse shows across the country for this year. That idea came from a fellow member and trainer.

So, let's let him know!

First of all, as far as I know, breed registries don't hold shows...?  Isn't that all TWHBEA is: They're JUST a registry?  But I digress....

Many of the emails that have been sent to the Executive Committee end up in a catch-all email inbox and don't get read by those who need to read them.  So we put together this list for you.  Email away--let TWHBEA know that yes, flat shod shows would be great, more focus on what the members want, and more focus on getting rid of soring!

Walt Chism - chsmtrl@hotmail.com
Rob Cornelius, Past President - rtcbwc@yahoo.com
Ford Gates, Performance Horse Vice President - fordgates@yahoo.com
Dr. Linda Montgomery, Training/Equine Welfare Vice President - drlindamont@bellsouth.net
Christy Lantis, Administrative/Fiscal/Audit Vice President - clicketycn@aol.com
Sherry White, Member at Large Youth Vice President - whiteegrhorses@hotmail.com
Ashley Wadsworth, Marketing Vice President - awadsworth@bellsouth.net
Tom Kakassy, Member at Large Bylaws/Enforcement Vice President - thomaskakassy@carolinarr.com
Jessica Hleback, Pleasure Horse Vice President - jhlebak@ncsu.edu
Steve Smith, President - sssmith@haurysmith.com
Denise Bader-Keyser, Germany, Owners/Exhibitors/International Vice President - denisebader@twhb.de
David Williams, Breeders Vice President - dwilliams32563@hotmail.com
Loren Sanderson, Secretary - lsanderson@twhbea.com
Tracy Boyd, EC Director - tboyd@twhbea.com